Showcase, new CD “Música Española en el Exilio”

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As Vargas Llosa mentions in the prologue of the CD:Música española en el exilio (Spanish Music in Exile) is a compilation of the work of a group of exiled composers who belonged to the Generation of ‘27, and also of musicians who were forced to pursue their careers under a dictatorship. In many ways this album also records the concerns and decisions that made them great musicians capable of reflecting their time and circumstances”.

The works selected for this CD, whose common ground is the clarinet, acquaint us with several of the leading lights of a younger generation that concurred in aesthetic and ideological terms with poets such as García Lorca and Rafael Alberti.

All of them are pieces of extraordinary quality, that almost fell into oblivion due to the historical circumstance in Spain: the post-war period and its disastrous consequences for the cultural and artistic life of the country.

The hallmark of the group of composers who appear on this CD, besides belonging to the same generation, is the fact of being very active professionally in Spain during the Second Republic and the Civil War, times of substantial changes in Spanish musical life and aesthetics. All of them except Menéndez went into exile.

Works by Julián Bautista, Robert Gerhard, Julián Menéndez, Rodolfo Halffter and Jesús Bal y Gay

March 10th, Centre Cultural La Beneficència – Cultura Diputació de València en Valencia

TD00110: Música Española en el Exilio


New CDs from Tritó

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Over recent months, we have given out new titles from our collection. We remain with our purpose of recovering Spanish repertoire and promoting the works of new Spanish composers.
Works by Joan Guinjoan, Albert Guinovart, Felip Pedrell … all of them included at new recordings performed by the Cadaqués Orchestra or theOrquestra de Barcelona i Nacional… [Read More]

(Castellano) Por qué el 29 de abril celebramos el día de la Danza?

April 25, 2014   |  Leave a comment

(Castellano) ¿Por qué el 29 de abril celebramos el día de la danza? Aquí te lo explicamos y también presentamos nuestra sección web dedicada a la danza y el ballet.

(Castellano) En “Sant Jordi” regala música.

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(Castellano) San Jordi es una fiesta muy querida para todos nosotros. Una buena excusa para intercambiarnos regalos y compartir buenos momentos. Pero qué regalos! Nada más y nada menos que libros, rosas y… ¿por qué no música?

(Castellano) (Català) Excel·lent presentació a Solsona del llibre «Aprèn jugant! amb la flauta travessera II»

April 9, 2014   |  Leave a comment

(Castellano) (Català) Dissabte passat, va tenir lloc a Cervera, la presentació del segon volum del llibre «Aprèn jugant! Amb la flauta travessera II» de Marta Lorenz.

(Castellano) Exitoso estreno de “Your Story” de Jesús Rueda

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(Castellano) L’esperada estrena absoluta de Your Story, una de les últimes obres de Jesús Rueda, aclamada per crítica i públic.

Answer our survey on the publication of digital scores and take part in a competition at the same time!

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Finishing April 30, you have a chance to win five albums on the Tritó label (to be chosen by the winner) by answering a survey we have prepared for all our musician friends, researchers and music lovers – in fact, for all of you.


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(Castellano) Tritó publicará la ópera «María del Carmen» de Enrique Granados, recientemente recuperada

March 17, 2014   |  2 Comments

(Castellano) María del Carmen está siendo restaurada y digitalizada y será pronto publicada por Tritó. Es un proyecto en el que estamos poniendo mucho empeño e interés y nos complace compartir con todos vosotros los detalles de su evolución.

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