Jesús Torres, in-house composer, wins the 2012 Spanish National Music Prize. Congratulations!

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The in-house composer, Jesus Torres, has just been awarded the 2012 Spanish National Prize for Music in the composition category by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.

On conferring this distinction on the composer Jesús Torres, the panel of judges cited “his fruitful artistic career in which his latest work Apocalipsi, written in 2011, deserves special mention”, as well as mentioning “his human values and perseverance in an independent aesthetic idea.”

Everyone in the team at Tritó is delighted by the composer’s success and we send him our congratulations.

The panel of judges was presided over by Miguel Angel Recio Crespo, Director General of the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM).
The other members were Remedios Navarro, Silvia Márquez, Mercedes Zavala, María Luisa Manchado, Antonio Moral, Fernando Turina, Alberto Posadas (Spanish National Music Prize for Composition in 2011) and Pedro Gandía (Orquestra Barroca de Sevilla, Spanish National Music Award 2011 for Performance). Antonio Garde, Deputy Director of Music and Dance at the INAEM, acted as vice-president.

Jesus Torres’s work is published by Tritó and he has also released two albums on the Tritó label: Sinfonía, Movimiento y Partita and Tres Sinfonías

Presentation of the Sor Society of Barcelona

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Societat Sor de BarcelonaNext Thursday, October 21th will happen the public presentation of the Sor Society of Barcelona (SSB), an association for music research and dissemination.

The event will take place at the Music Museum of Barcelona, located in L’Auditori, thanks to the collaboration that has the museum with the Catalan Society of Musicology, a subsidiary of the Institut d’Estudis Catalans, and which has also established a partnership agreement with this new society, devoted to research and claim the figure of the famous composer and guitarist Ferran (Fernando) Sor (Barcelona 1778 – Paris 1839).

Besides his pioneering and definitive great contribution on the field of concert music for guitar, yet few people know that …

  • The Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow ballet opened with a ballet by Sor.
  • At 19, he premiered an opera in the Teatre de la Santa Creu of Barcelona.
  • He composed symphonies, concertos and quartets.
  • He composed works for napoleonic marshalls in the Peninsular War, but also patriotic songs for the resistants to invasion.
  • He was knighted by the Pope of Rome, but Ferdinand the VIIth not allowed him to return to Spain for havin been friend of the Frenhc.
  • In the concert and recording field is definitely one of the best represented Catalan composers, along with Granados and Albéniz.

A group of performers, historians and musicologists with a common interest in guitar and his personality have created the SSB in order to fill a long gap, as was the lack of an institution devoted to this musician in the city where he was born and where developed the first part of his career.

The members of the SSB believe in the music of Sor and think that, apart from the merit of having been the best guitar composer of his time, has also been one of the leading composers of Spanish Classicism and early Romanticism, both in vocal and symphonic fields.

Moreover, the SSB also would cover the research and dissemination of music and musicians of his time and his environment, as well as their contemporaries (Dionisio Aguado, François de Fossa, etc.),precursors (Federico Moretti, Fernando Ferandiere…) and followers (Josep Brocà, Josep Viñas, Julián Arcas, etc.)

The SSB is planning to organise public events (concerts, recitals, conferences, round tables…), but also to materialise publications (scores, cds, website…) focusing on new or unknown works by this composer, as well as a definitive catalogue of all his music and related bibliography.


Thursday, 21th october 2010, at 19:00,

in the Museu de la Música de Barcelona

L’Auditori. C/ Lepant, 150. Barcelona (Spain)

Cartoon: Scherzando, by “Cesc”

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Scherzando, by Francesc Vila "Cesc", July 1994

Tritó… digitally yours

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Since late April, Tritó Edicions‘ catalogue is just a click away. In order to follow the vertiginous speed at which the music business evolves and to offer our users all the options to enjoy our productions, we have accomplished significant partnerships to strenghten our presence in the worldwide web.

Now, it is possible to buy songs and complete albums in mp3 format at the most important online stores, such as Amazon, iTunes, emusic, Lastfm, among others, and to listen to them at the main online radios.

During the month of May, we will increase availability of our productions, so you can access our complete catalogue. Thus, you will be able to count on our music ‘anytime, anywhere’, as the digital era requires.

Some online stores:

New symphony by Josep Pons

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A previously unpublished symphony by Josep Pons (1770-1818) has been included in volume 6 of the Collection “Compositors valencians”, published by Tritó in conjunction with the Generalitat Valenciana. It has been classified as No. 10 so as to respect the numbering of the catalogue initiated years ago by Joám Trillo and José López-Calo.

The task of the publication of this symphony in A major fell to Josep Dolcet, who located the manuscript in the Biblioteca Històrica of Madrid City Council, among the archives that came from the old Teatro de la Cruz.

It was found together with other overtures and symphonies by Pons and by Sor (published and recorded), Pablo del Moral and Francisco Javier Moreno, and also works by Haydn, Pleyel and Mozart, and lesser-known European composers (Rosetti, Winter, Witt, Méhul, Paër, Paisiello, Salieri, Sarti, Spontini, Mercadante, etc.)

In fact, this is the first time symphonies and overtures by Pons have been found in archives coming from theatres, and this shows that apart from the use of his music in religious acts, which implies its conservation in cathedral archives, it also sounded in concert halls or as the introduction to theatre works performed at the beginning of the 19th century.

The edition also includes an updated biographical study of Josep Pons, carried out by the musicologist and conductor Ramón Ramírez i Beneyto, author of a doctoral thesis on this composer.

Symphony no.10, Allegro

La Fontaine Fables at the Porta Ferrada Festival

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Contemporary music, audiovisual art and universal stories come together at the Festival de la Porta Ferrada in Sant Feliu de Guíxols (Gerona) as the Cadaqués Orchestra Ensemble presents Cinco Fábulas de La Fontaine.

To complement the live music, by the composer Xavier Benguerel, and narration, by the actor Lluís Soler, Tritó commissioned an animated film by Pere Puig to be shown simultaneously in order to bring the fables, their characters and metaphors to life for spectators of all ages.

Tres villancets

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In line with our continuing commitment to early music, Tritó announces the release of the eighth volume of the collection Compositors Valencians, dedicated to the composer Josep Pradas (1689-1757), who played a major role in the history of the cathedral Metropolitana in Valencia.

This volume, published with the Institut Valencià de la Música, includes three villancicos (La tierra llora afligida, Cantad serafines, Trono sagrado de luces), just a small sample of Pradas’s extensive work. The musicologist Marian Rosa Montagut edited the works and wrote the introductory study.

Download a sample…

Tres villancets (La Tierra llora afligida)

Ricard Viñes on the piano

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TD00048This CD presents the complete recordings of Ricard Viñes from 1929 to 1936. While the relatively small selection of pieces he recorded does not do justice to his vast repertoire, it remains an excellent sampling of his art.

The CD includes the recording of the speech given by Viñes on 18 March 1938 during a radio programme in which he tells anecdotes about his friendship with Claude Debussy.

Scarlatti: Sonata en re

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Albéniz: Dos danzas españolas

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

7 tales of LaFontaine

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Finally available in Youtube 2 of the “7 tales of LaFontaine” that Tritó Productions has done with music by Xavier Benguerel and animations by Pere Puig. Check our channel to see more.

The Works of Father Donostia

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Tritó has signed an agreement with the heirs of the Basque musician José Gonzalo Zulaica Arregui (1886-1956) to distribute his works: scores, recordings and books on music. Better known by his religious name, the Basque Capuchin monk José Antonio de San Sebastián, or Aita Donostia – Father Donostia – was a composer, organist, folklorist and musicologist.

Many of his works were published during his lifetime, and P. Jorge de Riezu later compiled them in editions published by Archivo Padre Donostia. These works include Cancionero Vasco, his editions of 18th-century Basque music, his Preludios vascos, and his organ and choral music.

Benet Casablancas’ Complete Piano Works on Naxos

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Naxos, one of the leading record labels today, has just published the complete works for piano by Benet Casablancas, performed by Jordi Masó and Miquel Villalba.

In recent years, Casablancas (born in 1956 in the town of Sabadell, near Barcelona) has confirmed his status as one of the most active and important composers in Spain today.

His solid background in music and the humanities has enabled him to develop a highly personal language that, despite being firmly based on knowledge of and love for the great classical tradition (with the Second Viennese School as one of his key points of reference), is open a wide range of influences, which he is able to assume without resorting to eclectic devices.

The selection presented here brings together virtually all the works for piano Casablancas has composed. This recording testifies to a mature and very complete oeuvre, while undoubtedly heralding works of great interest yet to come.

There are avalable scores for this CD.

Reissue of La Corxera Juganera

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Tritó announces the much anticipated re-release of two of our most popular titles: “Història de Babar“, with music by F. Poulenc and narrated by Agata Roca, and “7 Faules de La Fontaine“, with music by X. Benguerel and narrated by Rosa Gàmiz. We are re-releasing these two titles, from the collection La Corxera Juganera, due to high demand in recent months. They feature stories set to music performed by the Cadaqués Orchestra with narration in Catalan by renowned actors who breathe new life into the traditional tales.

This collection will soon be published in Spanish, with actors of the calibre of Javier Cámara, Tristán Ulloa or Leonor Watling.

El soldadet de plom

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Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Història de Babar

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Pere i el llop

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Jesús Torres in the UNESCO International Music Council

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The Rostrum of Composers of the Unesco International Music Council (IMC) has selected Jesús TorresConcerto for accordion and orchestra“. This organization met in Ireland this past June 13 and selected works recommended by the various radio stations from around the world (Torres’ piece was nominated by Spanish National Radio).

The selected titles will be broadcast by countries around the world, which means a big boost for the international career of the composers.

IMC is the world’s leading professional organization dedicated to developing and promoting music worldwide. Founded in 1949 upon request of the Director General of UNESCO as the advisory body to the agency on musical matters, its mission is to provide exceptional value to its membership by building knowledge, creating networking opportunities, supporting and enhancing the visibility of initiatives that help sustain people’s participation in music and cultural life.

Full report of that meeting here.

Music for guitar by Ramon Carnicer

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The best known work by Ramon Carnicer (1789-1855) is undoubtedly the overture composed for the Barcelona premiere of Il barbiere di Siviglia in 1818. This orchestral work was soon transcribed for various instrumental combinations, of which is often cited the guitar version he did for his brother Miquel Carnicer.

Now all three known versions for guitar, from different periods of the 19th century, are available from the Tritó catalogue. The first was composed in 1819 – the year after the original work – by Sebastià Pelegrí, and the last, by Tomás Damas, is from 1872. In between the two falls the anonymous version published in Madrid between 1831 and 1859, in all likelihood the lost version for Miquel Carnicer.

This triple facsimile edition is complemented by a new version by the guitarist Josep Maria Mangado based directly on the orchestral score while taking into account the specific characteristics of the period arrangements. With publications such these, Tritó seeks to continue in its efforts to revive forgotten or unknown pieces from the Catalan and Spanish guitar repertoire.

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Jesús Torres at the ORCAM Chamber cycle

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Jesús Torres premieres his Noche oscura as part of the chamber music cycle of the Orchestra and Choir of the Community of Madrid, at the Canal Foundation auditorium. This work, composed in 2006 for soprano and piano, is based on the eponymous mystical texts by San Juan de la Cruz. Jesus Torres’ music relates perfectly with the spirituality of the sixteenth-century poet. The work will be performed by the soprano Azucena Lopez and pianist Karina Azizova.

“Arrels” the first work for cobla by Joan Guinjoan

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This past 5 April marked the much-lauded public premiere of the latest work by the composer, pianist and conductor Joan Guinjoan, Arrels (Fantasia per a cobla). Despite his age, the 76-year-old composer still approaches each new project with the enthusiasm of his youth. Arrels meant a great challenge for Guinjoan: to compose, without abandoning his style, a work for Cobla, a folk ensemble, which the composer said “has nothing to do with my world but I approached it with the utmost respect.” The premiere took place at Barcelona’s Palau de la Música, in a concert by the Cobla Sant Jordi-Ciutat de Barcelona conducted by Josep Pons, also the first time he has worked an ensemble of this sort. It is a highly complex work divided into three movements: Recordant-se, Nostalgia and Reneixença. The work draws on broad range of influences: from the Easter cornets of the town of Ruidoms to jazz and other musical forms stored in the mind of the composer, all moulded in the avant-garde style of maestro Guinjoan. Both musicians and audience applauded the work as a fresh reworking of traditional styles.

Villalobos, Brouwer, Joaquim Nin-Culmell i Nin Castellanos at Tritó

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One of the main objectives of our website is to promote Spanish and Ibero-American music. Thus we are constantly seeking out new agreements to distribute scores and recordings, to build up our catalogue and provide the broadest possible vision of the music from the Hispanic world. Our most recent distribution agreement is with the Max Eschig publishing house. With this accord, Tritó will be adding to its catalogue the composers Héitor Villalobos (Brazil) – Preludios para guitarra Leo Brouwer (Cuba) – Danza del Altiplano, Dos aires populares cubanos and others of his best known guitar works – and Joaquim Nin Castellanos and his son Joaquim Nin-Culmell, composers of Spanish origin born in Cuba and Germany, respectively, with a selection of their most interesting works for the piano.

Tribute to Enric Granados

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The Biblioteca de Catalunya, which along with Tritó Editiones has participated in the publication of the second edition of the Complete Works for Voice and Piano by Enric Granados, was the venue of Homage to Granados, an event held 1 April in the library’s Llevant Hall. The event saw the presentation of the new edition of the score of the Complete Works for Voice and Piano, several of which were performed by Manuel García Morante, composer, pianist and reviser of the works, and the soprano Yrene Martínez Roca. The concert also starred Granados’ piano, restored for the occasion. This new edition of the Complete Works for Voice and Piano includes the addition of nine songs discovered in recent years, two of which, unfortunately, are incomplete. We hope that in the not too distant future more sources will to appear to further our knowledge of Granados’ vocal works.

David del Puerto and Jesús Torres at the Praga Premieres Festival

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The forth edition of Prague Premieres, festival founded in 2004, provides a platform in the capital of the Czech Republic for new contemporary music from all across Europe. The main organizer of the event of is the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra while several other Czech orchestras also participate in the performances. This year’s guest countries are Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland and Spain. The festival runs from 29 March to 6 April. Spain’s participation is particularly high profile with works by Cristobal Halffter, Luis de Pablo, David del Puerto (1 April), Leonardo Balada and Jesús Torres (5 April). The selected work by “David del Puerto” is his first symphony, Boreas, which will be performed on 1 April at the Festival’s main venue, Dvorak Hall, by the Hradec Králové Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Andreas S. Weiser. “Jesús Torres” will be represented in Movimiento, a work originally commissioned by the Cadaqués Orchestra International Conducting Competition and the Spanish Centre for the Diffusion of Contemporary Music, in a concert by the Pardubice Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Leoš Svárovský, also at Dvorak Hall.

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