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Answer our survey on the publication of digital scores and take part in a competition at the same time!

Posted by Soledad Sánchez Bueno on March 25, 2014  |  Leave a comment

Finishing April 30, you have a chance to win five albums on the Tritó label (to be chosen by the winner) by answering a survey we have prepared for all our musician friends, researchers and music lovers – in fact, for all of you.

If you think the world of music publishing needs to innovate by offering new formats or even if you don’t agree with this idea, we would like you to answer some questions whose answers will help us decide the way forward.

Take part in the survey and invite all your friends to as well!

You can directly access the survey here. At the end you will be asked for your email or phone number so that we can contact you if you turn out to be the winner.

Thanks in advance for helping us to grow!

Download your music from the Tritó website

Posted by Soledad Sánchez Bueno on June 12, 2013  |  Leave a comment

The more curious of you, who follow our every move, will no doubt have noticed that we have made some changes to our website. But in case you’ve lost track we’d like to tell you a little bit about some of these changes.

We have added a player so that you can listen to digital music albums directly off the web. And the player is linked to the various digital stores where you can buy music in high quality digital format (WAV).

Furthermore, we decided that our website needed a soundtrack. What could be better than music composed and performed by our composers and musicians?

As if this were not enough, we have added a button so that you can choose which store or platform you want to download our audio tracks from. Besides the most popular stores such as iTunes, Amazon and Deezer there are many others serving countries all over the world.

Furthermore, we decided that our website needed a soundtrack. What could be better than music composed and performed by our composers and musicians?

And finally we’ve done it! We wanted to share and invite you to explore our digital catalogue and it’s now available.

In the near future we hope to offer special promotions to our newsletter subscribers and all our unconditional friends who help disseminate the work we do every day.

Start enjoying Tritó’s digital music now!

Facebook? Naturally!

Posted by Marcel Soleda on May 5, 2009  |  Leave a comment

In the midst of the upsurge of the web 2.0, where the users have taken control of the contents of Internet, the social networks seem to have become the main players in the movement. Facebook is the social networking website par excellence, so we need to be there too, and now we are!

Encuéntranos en Facebook

You don’t need a Facebook account to visit our page; just click on the link at the top.

Our page on Facebook is not only ours; it is also the place where you can comment on whatever you like, make suggestions, announce events, and a lot more.

You can also take advantage of our seasonal promotions: mp3 downloads, concert invitations, links of interest…

Since Monday and until next week, you can download absolutely free the mp3 of Evocación para guitarra, by Isaac Albéniz. This work is one of the pieces on the latest CD from Javier Riba “La Guitarra Soñada“.

See you on Facebook!

Re-edition of Granados’ works

Posted by Redacción on November 22, 2007  |  Leave a comment

Tritó announces the release of the second edition of Granados Obra completa para canto y piano. With both impressions of the first edition having sold out, Tritó has now released a new updated edition, with the nine recently discovered songs. In addition, in order to facilitate its interpretation, the new edition includes the phonetic transcription of all the lyrics. Moreover, Tritó offers its customers the option of special ordering by email – – any of the songs transposed into any key, to suit the singer. This project received the aid and support of the Biblioteca de Catalunya, repository of many of the manuscripts used in the revision by Manuel García Morante, pianist and composer, who has performed these pieces many times with Victoria de los Ángeles, Carmen Bustamante and Conxita Badia. Also with the aim of facilitating access to these works, in addition to the complete edition, Tritó has released individual editions of the most performed works by Granados: “La maja y el ruiseñor” (TR587), “Tonadillas en estilo antiguo” (TR585), “Canciones amatorias” (TR586) and “Elegia eterna” (TR588).

Success of the world premiere of Zangezi with music by Hèctor Parra

Posted by Redacción on July 19, 2007  |  Leave a comment

Audience and critics like have expressed their acclaim for Zangezi, a stage production with music by the composer Hèctor Parra. The press (El País, El Mundo, among others), have also lauded the premiere this past 23 June at the Teatro Albéniz in Madrid, co-produced by the Operadhoy season and the Salzburg Schauspielhaus, who will be putting on the production on in the near future. Based on a play by the Russian Futurist poet Velimir Khlebnikov (1885-1922), and translated into English by the director Robert Pienz, Zangezi is not a genuine opera, but rather a stage poem or theatre production with music. The production features three actors and a female singer and tells the story of the rise and fall of the prophet Zangezi by means of the challenging, superposing and annihilation of the spoken word and its signification.

The soprano voice, with Hèctor Parra’s electronic music – at time crystalline, at times concretely noisy – bring the original drama up to levels of expression and originality on the edges of contemporaneity and the Dadaist spectacles of the early 19th century. Tritó has published Hèctor Parra’s scores since 2005. His most recent releases are: Time Fields II, for solo clarinet, Time Fields III, for solo flute, and Andante sospeso, for flute (or clarinet) and piano. Other scores available from Tritó include his string quartet Stasis – Antigone I and Impromptu for piano. The orchestral score of Lumières abyssales – Chroma I is in press while Tres peces per a piano – Lichtzwang is forthcoming.

Piano repertory: Special discount

Posted by Cristina Martí on May 3, 2007  |  Leave a comment

During May, June and July, Tritó is offering students, teachers and music schools a special discount on its most recent piano repertory. The following works, bought online, come with a 15% discount: 24 interludios and Ketjak, by Jesús Rueda; Dos invenciones, by Santiago Lanchares; Circus, by Joan Chic, and Cuaderno para los niños, by David del Puerto.

Tritó to distribute the AEDOM catalogue

Posted by Marcel Soleda on June 12, 2006  |  Leave a comment

Once again we inform you of a catalogue distribution agreement for our website. The latest instance is the publications of the Spanish Association of Musical Documentation (AEDOM), based in Madrid.

Their catalogue includes Spanish Musical Bibliography, music publishing in Spain before 1936 and volumes dedicated to the organ and other instruments.

Música Presente. Perspectivas para la música del siglo XXI

Posted by Marcel Soleda on May 23, 2006  |  Leave a comment

Música Presente. Perspectivas para la música del siglo XXIMÚSICA PRESENTE, perspectivas para la música del siglo XXI, written by Andrew Ford and José Luis Téllez, focuses on the group Música Presente and their work in contemporary music.

Composers and performers like Jesús Rueda, David del Puerto, Santiago Lanchares, Ananda Sukarlan and Ángel Luis Castaño began this project in Madrid in 2003; their purpose is the promotion and diffusion of contemporary music and specially their own works.


Posted by Marcel Soleda on December 1, 2003  |  Leave a comment

This Newsletter marks the beginning of a new stage in the life of our website. With it, our purposes are to offer lively reading, meet new challenges and, above all, strengthen our ties with you, our customers and friends.

We hope that this new stage will be one of growth and expansion in products and contents. Of course this initial period will be a test for all the machinery that we are setting in motion, but we remain confident of being able to serve you better with each new day. We look forward to having your comments and suggestions.

Thank you in advance.

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