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Feliu Gasull at the Nacional Auditorium of Madrid

Posted by Soledad Sánchez Bueno on March 1, 2013  |  2 Comments

Ensayo general Tonades - Feliu Gasull

Today in the afternoon there’s the world premiere of Tonades for voice, guitar and orchestra, in the Nacional Auditorium of Madrid.

The piece consists of a collection of seven peasant songs from Catalunya, Mallorca and Valencia. The unmistakable character of the composer, his irony, craftiness and wit are mirrored into the seven songs filled with mediterranean evocations.

Through a special treatment of the orchestration, the composer makes the popular component of the melodies emerge.

Feliu Gasull gets a direct complicity with his audience, without falling into the predictable. During an interview recorded for RTVE, the composer commented: “We have been a lifetime ignoring the south, always looking at the center of Europe, and I didn’t want to miss what the south offers to us, that is brutal.”

The Nacional Orchestra of Spain, conducted by Josep Pons, Feliu Gasull as the guitar soloist and the singer Silvia Pérez Cruz -newest Best Song of the Goya Awards 2013- will be the responsibles to perform the three concerts programed for this weekend.

The appointments are today and tomorrow (march 1st and 2nd) at 19:30, and the next sunday (march 3rd) at 11:30.

Bobby McFerrin hacks your brain with music

Posted by Marcel Soleda on August 26, 2011  |  1 Comment

Still rummaging through de musical chest in Youtube we discover Bobby McFerrin leaving us gobsmacked in this fun, 3-min performance from the 2009 World Science Festival. He uses the pentatonic scale to reveal one surprising result of the way our brains are wired. Who said that music is not a universal language? :-)

New edition of the Complete Works for voice and piano by Isaac Albéniz

Posted by Leticia Martin on September 25, 2009  |  Leave a comment

To mark the centenary of Isaac Albéniz’s death, Tritó Publishers has issued a new revised edition of this composer’s complete works for voice and piano, a key repertoire among the Spanish music from all periods.

It is hoped that this long-awaited new edition will be as successful as the previous one, published over ten years ago. It continues the line initiated with the publication of another important set of complete works for voice and piano, the songs of Enrique Granados.

In this edition particular mention should be made of the inclusion of the translations of the original lyrics to English, Catalan and Spanish, and also the phonetic transcription made by Oriol Gil Sanchís. The introductory study has also been reviewed, enlarged and updated by its author, Jacinto Torres, one of the foremost experts on this composer.

The publication includes five poems by Becquer for recital with piano accompaniment, along with later versions by Albéniz for singer and piano. It also includes six salon romances in Italian, four songs on French poems with modernist and symbolist aesthetics, and most important of all, the set of the sixteen songs based on poems by his English patron Francis B. Money-Coutts.

Albéniz’s piano music has often overshadowed the rest of his musical output. Among his songs and lieder there are very different pieces, ranging from salon romances to French impressionist songs and recited works with piano accompaniment. This compilation of works – some of them hitherto unpublished – provides a novel overview of this composer.

For further information about this issue…

Opera 2.0 (1st part)

Posted by Leticia Martin on May 28, 2009  |  Leave a comment

Hypermusic Prologue, the opera by Hèctor Parra with a libretto by Lisa Randall, will be premiered in Paris on 14 June at the Centre Pompidou. During the two weeks leading up to this premiere we have been able to take a closer look at the Ensemble Intercontemporain’s work on its development and production, through the rehearsals and other videos with previous information.

Thanks to Youtube we can personally experience the birth of an opera in the 21st century.

Puss in Boots (El gato con botas) by Xavier Montsalvatge returns to Oviedo

Posted by Leticia Martin on January 5, 2009  |  4 Comments

Puss in Boots by Xavier Montsalvatge returns to the Teatro Philharmonic de Oviedo on the 9 and 10 January in a production realised in 2005 by the Teatro Real de Madrid and co-produced by the Gran Teatro del Liceu, the Asociación Bilbaína de Amigos de la Ópera and the Asociación Asturiana de Amigos de la Ópera. On this occasion it is the version for small orchestra which the composer Albert Guinovart was commissioned to arrange by Tritó Ediciones.

Emilio Sagi’s staging counts on costumes and a set design by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, which give special colour and impact to the story, winning the hearts of both children and adults. Vicente Alberola is the music director and the main roles will be played by Raquel Lojendio (the Cat), David Menéndez (the Miller), María Luz Martínez (the Princess), Isidro Anaya (the King) and Miguel Angel Zapater (the Ogre).

This score by Xavier Montsalvatge presents the traditional tale by Perrault in the personal style and with the surprising musicality that always characterises this composer’s works.

Cadaqués Orchestra to the Porta Ferrada Festival in Sant Feliu de Guixols

Posted by Cristina Martí on July 30, 2008  |  Leave a comment

fabulaContemporary music, audiovisual art and universal stories come together at the Festival de la Porta Ferrada in Sant Feliu de Guíxols (Gerona) as the Cadaqués Orchestra Ensemble presents Cinco Fábulas de La Fontaine. To complement the live music, by the composer Xavier Benguerel, and narration, by the actor Lluís Soler, Tritó commissioned an animated film by Pere Puig to be shown simultaneously in order to bring the fables, their characters and metaphors to life for spectators of all ages.

Tres villancets

Posted by Redacción on July 24, 2008  |  1 Comment

In line with our continuing commitment to early music, Tritó announces the release of the eighth volume of the collection Compositors Valencians, dedicated to the composer Josep Pradas (1689-1757), who played a major role in the history of the cathedral Metropolitana in Valencia.

This volume, published with the Institut Valencià de la Música, includes three villancicos (La tierra llora afligida, Cantad serafines, Trono sagrado de luces), just a small sample of Pradas’s extensive work. The musicologist Marian Rosa Montagut edited the works and wrote the introductory study.

Download a sample…

Tres villancets (La Tierra llora afligida)

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Jesús Torres at the ORCAM Chamber cycle

Posted by Redacción on April 16, 2008  |  Leave a comment

Jesús Torres premieres his Noche oscura as part of the chamber music cycle of the Orchestra and Choir of the Community of Madrid, at the Canal Foundation auditorium. This work, composed in 2006 for soprano and piano, is based on the eponymous mystical texts by San Juan de la Cruz. Jesus Torres’ music relates perfectly with the spirituality of the sixteenth-century poet. The work will be performed by the soprano Azucena Lopez and pianist Karina Azizova.

Tribute to Enric Granados

Posted by Redacción on April 3, 2008  |  Leave a comment

The Biblioteca de Catalunya, which along with Tritó Editiones has participated in the publication of the second edition of the Complete Works for Voice and Piano by Enric Granados, was the venue of Homage to Granados, an event held 1 April in the library’s Llevant Hall. The event saw the presentation of the new edition of the score of the Complete Works for Voice and Piano, several of which were performed by Manuel García Morante, composer, pianist and reviser of the works, and the soprano Yrene Martínez Roca. The concert also starred Granados’ piano, restored for the occasion. This new edition of the Complete Works for Voice and Piano includes the addition of nine songs discovered in recent years, two of which, unfortunately, are incomplete. We hope that in the not too distant future more sources will to appear to further our knowledge of Granados’ vocal works.

Release of Herminie by Arriaga

Posted by Redacción on February 19, 2008  |  Leave a comment

Herminie, cantata by the composer Juan Crisóstomo Arriaga, is the latest release from the Tritó score division. The work, composed in 1825, when the composer was 19 years old, has been revised by Jorge Sancho and this is the first time it has been done in an urtext edition, intended to reproduce the original intention of the composer as exactly as possible, without any added or changed material. The text of the cantata is taken from “Gerusalemme Liberata” by Tasso in the French version by J. A. Vinaty (1790 1830). In the arias and especially in the recitatives we find moments of great dramatic intensity, revealing a composer who employed skilfully the expressive resources of romantic drama, while the orchestra, despite the lack of trumpets or kettledrums, underscores and highlights effectively the expressivity of the singing, which demands a soprano who has both an aptitude for coloratura and great power. This work forms part of the obligatory repertoire for the 9th Cadaqués Orchestra International Conducting Competitionand is available on CD with the soprano Ainhoa Arteta and The Cadaqués Orchestra conducted by Neville Marriner.

Re-edition of Granados’ works

Posted by Redacción on November 22, 2007  |  Leave a comment

Tritó announces the release of the second edition of Granados Obra completa para canto y piano. With both impressions of the first edition having sold out, Tritó has now released a new updated edition, with the nine recently discovered songs. In addition, in order to facilitate its interpretation, the new edition includes the phonetic transcription of all the lyrics. Moreover, Tritó offers its customers the option of special ordering by email – – any of the songs transposed into any key, to suit the singer. This project received the aid and support of the Biblioteca de Catalunya, repository of many of the manuscripts used in the revision by Manuel García Morante, pianist and composer, who has performed these pieces many times with Victoria de los Ángeles, Carmen Bustamante and Conxita Badia. Also with the aim of facilitating access to these works, in addition to the complete edition, Tritó has released individual editions of the most performed works by Granados: “La maja y el ruiseñor” (TR587), “Tonadillas en estilo antiguo” (TR585), “Canciones amatorias” (TR586) and “Elegia eterna” (TR588).

Tritó releases Alio Modo,by David del Puerto

Posted by Cristina Martí on October 30, 2007  |  Leave a comment

Alio Modo, the new release by the Tritó record label is a collection of some of most interesting chamber works composed between1995 and 2005 by David del Puerto (Madrid, 1964). The disc features brilliant interpretations by three of the most significant names on the Spanish contemporary music scene: the Indonesian pianist Ananda Sukarlan, the soprano Carmen Gurriarán and the accordionist Ángel Luis Castaño, all champions of the Madrid composer’s work. The CD includes the works: “Alio Modo” (piano), “Fantasía para acordeón”, “Cuaderno para los niños” (piano), “Diario” (accordion and piano), “Intrata” (piano), “Rondós” (piano), “Rejoice” (piano), “Sobre la Noche” (voice and accordion) and “Verso IV” (piano).

This is Tritó’s second CD by David del Puerto – after Boreas (2005), devoted to symphonic music – and is further evidence of the company’s ambition to create a recorded corpus of Spanish contemporary music.

Coinciding with the release of the CD, Tritó has also released the score of the piece “Diario” for accordion and piano. “Diario” is dedicated to Ángel Luis Castaño, who both premiered and plays the piece on Alio Modo. Very demanding technically, the piece demonstrates the vast potential of the accordion in contemporary music.

World premiere of David del Puerto’s 3rd Symphony

Posted by Redacción on September 17, 2007  |  Leave a comment

In its 15th year, Otoño Musical Soriano commemorates the centenary this year of the poet Antonio Machado’s arrival in Soria. For the occasion, the festival, directed by Odón Alonso, commissioned a work from the composer David del Puerto, according to whom it is his “most personal composition”, given the freedom he was allowed by a commission which dictated no scoring nor timing conditions. This is Del Puerto’s Third Symphony, subtitled “En la melancolía de tu recuerdo, Soria” (In the Melancholy of Your Memory, Soria). The author classifies it as a “dramatic symphony” due to the way it draws on cantata and theatre music. David del Puerto resolved the sole condition of the commission – to include texts by Machado – by choosing 19 poems that enabled him “to condense Machado’s life in Soria along one year”, and which are recited and sung along with the orchestral music. The texts reflect the poet’s varying moods over the seasons of the year, among which stands out summer, given that “the summer poems are the most heartfelt because that was the season when Leonor died”.

This is the first symphony in which David del Puerto includes sung and recited parts and, at once, the first of his large-scale works in which he puts to music poems written by someone other than himself. Nonetheless, it is a work in which the author has renounced deliberately the brightness of other pieces of his in order to capture and transmit better the sobriety and ascetism of Machado’s verse. The premiere takes place on 20 September, 2007, at the Auditorio “Odón Alonso” of the Centro Cultural “Palacio de la Audiencia” in Soria, with Enrique García Asensio conducting the Oviedo City Symphony Orchestra. The solo voices are the mezzo-soprano Elena Gragera and the soprano Carmen Gurriarán, with narration by the actor José Sacristán.   The score and CD of David del Puerto first symphony, Boreas, is already available from Tritó and we will soon be publishing his second, Nusantara, as well as the above-mentioned third. The most recent works we have published by this composer have been chamber pieces: “Dos dedicatorias”, for solo violin, and Seis estudios, for guitar, while forthcoming are Diario, for accordion and piano  and Advenit, for clarinet, violin, cello and piano.

The Archduke’s festival

Posted by Redacción on August 27, 2007  |  Leave a comment

This past Friday 27 July the music ensemble Vespres d’Arnadí, with the soprano Mariví Blasco and the actor Elies Barberà, premiered the production “La festa de l’arxiduc” (The Archduke’s Feast), a concert-performance which will soon be travelling to other festivals and venues. Based on pieces from the large amount of music created in the period of the War of Spanish Succession (1700-1714) selected and transcribed by the musicologist Josep Dolcet, the conductor Josep Lluís Guardiola wrote and directed the story of a fictional baroque feast put on by a Valencian aristocrat for Charles of Austria (Charles III).

But the defeat at Almansa and the subsequent taking of Lleida by the supporters of Philip V (1707) lead to the cancellation of the fiesta and the introduction of French influences alongside the Italian and Spanish styles of the first part of the production. The press has lauded this unusual initiative celebrating the three-hundredth anniversary of the two abovementioned historical events, and which was the centrepiece of the concert to honour the memory of Ernest Lluch organized each summer by the Torroella de Montgrí Music Festival, and which was preceded by the conference by Joan Francesc Mira on the historic context of the music heard in the production. Four of the works in the production are published or are being prepared for publication by Tritó: the 18 Anonymous 18th-Century Catalan Dances, Suite III by Charles Desmazures, the Overture from Dafni, by the Baron of Astorga; and Cantate sur la prise de Lérida, by Jean-Baptiste Stuck, which was performed for the first time since its rediscovery.

Success of the world premiere of Zangezi with music by Hèctor Parra

Posted by Redacción on July 19, 2007  |  Leave a comment

Audience and critics like have expressed their acclaim for Zangezi, a stage production with music by the composer Hèctor Parra. The press (El País, El Mundo, among others), have also lauded the premiere this past 23 June at the Teatro Albéniz in Madrid, co-produced by the Operadhoy season and the Salzburg Schauspielhaus, who will be putting on the production on in the near future. Based on a play by the Russian Futurist poet Velimir Khlebnikov (1885-1922), and translated into English by the director Robert Pienz, Zangezi is not a genuine opera, but rather a stage poem or theatre production with music. The production features three actors and a female singer and tells the story of the rise and fall of the prophet Zangezi by means of the challenging, superposing and annihilation of the spoken word and its signification.

The soprano voice, with Hèctor Parra’s electronic music – at time crystalline, at times concretely noisy – bring the original drama up to levels of expression and originality on the edges of contemporaneity and the Dadaist spectacles of the early 19th century. Tritó has published Hèctor Parra’s scores since 2005. His most recent releases are: Time Fields II, for solo clarinet, Time Fields III, for solo flute, and Andante sospeso, for flute (or clarinet) and piano. Other scores available from Tritó include his string quartet Stasis – Antigone I and Impromptu for piano. The orchestral score of Lumières abyssales – Chroma I is in press while Tres peces per a piano – Lichtzwang is forthcoming.

El càntic dels càntics by Ricard Lamote de Grignon

Posted by Redacción on July 4, 2007  |  Leave a comment

Ricard Lamote considered El càntic dels càntics, which he composed late in life, to be his masterpiece and great musical legacy. This grand oratorio for solo contralto and baritone with chorus and large orchestra is based on the story of King Salomon in the Old Testament. Manuel Oltra finished the instrumentation according to the instructions of the composer, who died in 1962. Although the score is published by Tritó Edicions, the work has never been performed, due in part at least to its complexity. Now, this 6 July, the conductor and composer Salvador Brotons will finally premiere the work at the Auditori de Barcelona with the Chamber Chorus of the Palau de la Música Catalana and the Orquestra Simfònica de Barcelona i Nacional de Catalunya. In addition to the orchestral score, Tritó has just released the vocal score of the work.

Seven previously unknown motets, by Ginés Pérez

Posted by Cristina Martí on May 24, 2007  |  Leave a comment

In conjunction with the Institut Valencià de la Música, Tritó has published Set motets inèdits, the volume of music by the 16th century composer Ginés Pérez.

This is the fifth volume, as part of the Collection Compositors Valencians. Esperanza Rodríguez is responsible for the editing of these motets.

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