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Nosaltres, els grallers (We the shawm players)

Posted by Toni Cruanyes on February 14, 2011  |  Leave a comment

Tritó has reissued Nosaltres, els grallers on its Amalgama imprint. This monumental work is the result of many years of investigation and research carried out by Blai Fontanals and the Escola de Grallers (Shawm Players’ School) in Sitges, steadily and doggedly gathering information, much of which would now be lost because many of the sources have disappeared in the meantime.

The publication, which was first issued in 1996, is an comprehensive compendium of the world of shawm players, from their origins in the 18th century up to the second half of the 20th century.

The book is organised into three blocks: the first section is devoted to a thorough historical presentation of the instrument, from its origins and background to the present day, paying special attention to the so-called Golden Age of the shawm, the period ranging from the last third of the 19th century to the early 20th century.

The second part focuses on the characteristics of the instrument and the surrounding context: music transcriptions, makers, design, musicians and traditional techniques, composers and first recordings.

Finally, as a focus for all the content, a list and description of all documented shawm-players has been included, ordered by towns and districts.

This edition counts on a prologue by Xavier Orriols and also the collaboration of Xavier Bayer and Joan Cuscó.

“Nosaltres, els grallers” constitutes a major reference work in the world of shawm players and Catalan traditional music in general. It is a primary source for the serious study and the recovery of an important part of Catalan popular culture from the last two centuries, the shawm and its players. Above all, it dignifies the status of this instrument – which is so essentially Catalan – and everything linked to it: the groups of shawm players and their relationship with the traditional festivals in Catalonia.

Link to Nosaltres, els grallers >

Reglas de canto plano, de Fernando Esteban

Posted by Marcel Soleda on October 30, 2008  |  Leave a comment

Internet has facilitated access to the digitalised collections of many archives and libraries around the world. However, there are still many titles, not only in Spain, that are unavailable through the web but which can be obtained in book format.

This is the case of Reglas de canto plano è de contrapunto è de canto de Organo (Rules for plainchant and counterpoint and polyphony) by Fernando Esteban, which, with a first edition dating from 1375, constitutes one of the essential sources of theory for specialists in the reconstruction of theory and thinking behind Spanish music.

Although this facsimile edition with its accompanying typed transcription was published over 30 years ago, today it has special value because it provides specialists with difficultly accessible material of great interest.

The volume begins with a synthetical introductory study by the musicologist Mª Pilar Escudero Garcia. The organisation of the contents (facsimile on even-numbered pages and transcription on the odd numbers) makes reading them easier and allows the reader to contrast the original source with its interpretation.

Nosaltres, els grallers

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In 1996 the Escola de Grallers (school of gralla players) in Sitges published a monumental book on the history of gralla players in Catalonia, titled “Nosaltres, els grallers”. For a long time this book was very difficult to obtain, only being available in a few shops around the town of Sitges.

“Nosaltres, els grallers” is an excellent compilation of data on the history of gralla players in Catalonia, from their origins up to the 1970s.

The book classifies the musicians by counties and towns, and contains a brilliant introductory chapter on the history of the gralla as an instrument and a magnificent prologue by Vilanova gralla-maker Xavier Orriols. And, for the moment, this publication is the sole existing published reference work on the world of the gralla.

The book, with over 500 pages, is published in hardback and the price is €35.

For further information…

The most important studies on Granados available from Tritó

Posted by Redacción on November 22, 2007  |  Leave a comment

Tritó has put a great deal of effort into compiling the latest bibliography on Granados, and now has a very significant number of titles. Walter Aaron Clark’s book “Enrique Granados: poet of the piano” and Carol A. Hess’ “Enrique Granados. A Bio Bibliography”, as well as Mark Larrad’s doctoral thesis fill a historical lack of serious studies of one of the most international Catalan composers of all times. The situation with Albéniz was similar until studies such as those by Jacinto Torres, “The Catalan Theatre Works of Enrique Granados” (“Iberia de Isaac Albéniz a través de sus manuscritos” or “Catálogo sistemático descriptivo de las obras musicales de Isaac Albéniz”) appeared. In addition, we should mention the interesting and extremely well documented biographical novel about Granados, “El rossinyol abatut: Enric Granados, una vida apassionada” by John W. Milton. All of these titles can be found in the BOOKS section of our website.

Additions to the catalogue

Posted by Redacción on November 7, 2007  |  Leave a comment

Thanks to agreements with other publishers, record labels and institutions, continues to incorporate new works of Spanish classical music. Recently Tritó has been making a special effort to enlarge its collection of Spanish vocal music, with the incorporation of discs of works by Eduard Toldrà or Ernesto Halffter, among others, as well as its musicology collection, with the incorporation of the facsimiles and collections from the Universidad Pública de Navarra, the Institución Fernando el Católico de Zaragoza and the British Library.

Tritó at Liber 07

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Barcelona hosts the 25th LIBER International Book Fair from 3 to 5 October at the Montjuïc Trade Fair Complex, Pavilion 2.   Promoted by the Spanish Federation of Publishers’ Guilds, LIBER is the leading fair in the sector in Spain, as well as being a major event for Hispano-America. Aimed at professionals, it attracts 700 displayers (publishers, literary agents, professional associations, graphic arts and multimedia, suppliers, services) and over 9,000 professionals (booksellers, distributors, writers, agents, editors,  ibrarians, journalists, educators, graphic artists and new technologists) from 50 countries. This year Tritó will be on hand for the first time with its own stand, both as a publisher of scores, music books and recordings, and as a distributor of Catalan, Spanish and Iber-American music, a sector where Tritó aspires to fill a void in the world market. In keeping with the nature of the fair, the products on display at the stand will be mainly in the line of historical music and musicology, while our staff will be available to present the latest releases from the Tritó and Amalgama catalogue. We wish to point out also that special conditions of sale will apply to orders made at the fair.

TRITÓ – SPANISH AND LATIN-AMERICAN MUSIC DISTRIBUTOR Montjuïc 1 Trade Fair Complex, pavilion 2, level 0, stand F 594 Dates: 3 – 5 October 2007 Hours: 10:00 – 19:00

Amalgama publish a book of traditional musical games, Ximic

Posted by Marcel Soleda on March 1, 2007  |  Leave a comment

XIMIC, Jocs Tradicionals is a unique collection of children’s songs and musical games intended for both the general public and educators.

Drawing on the Catalan oral tradition,  XIMIC is arranged into types of games: dancing, place-changing games and otherwise, with objects. The authors, Maria Antònia Pujol and Montserrat Busqué, are both educators with extensive experience in teaching music to children.

Tritó to distribute the AEDOM catalogue

Posted by Marcel Soleda on June 12, 2006  |  Leave a comment

Once again we inform you of a catalogue distribution agreement for our website. The latest instance is the publications of the Spanish Association of Musical Documentation (AEDOM), based in Madrid.

Their catalogue includes Spanish Musical Bibliography, music publishing in Spain before 1936 and volumes dedicated to the organ and other instruments.

Música Presente. Perspectivas para la música del siglo XXI

Posted by Marcel Soleda on May 23, 2006  |  Leave a comment

Música Presente. Perspectivas para la música del siglo XXIMÚSICA PRESENTE, perspectivas para la música del siglo XXI, written by Andrew Ford and José Luis Téllez, focuses on the group Música Presente and their work in contemporary music.

Composers and performers like Jesús Rueda, David del Puerto, Santiago Lanchares, Ananda Sukarlan and Ángel Luis Castaño began this project in Madrid in 2003; their purpose is the promotion and diffusion of contemporary music and specially their own works.

Tritó distributes the Almaviva record label

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Continuing with the constant expansion of our catalogue, with works of our own and through distribution agreements, we are happy to inform you that Tritó is now distributing Almaviva, a record labels that has always strived to preserve and revive the Spanish musical heritage.

Almaviva is associated with the Centro de Documentación Musical de Andalucía, and specializes in composers and works from the south of Spain.

Presentation of new book on Xavier Montsalvatge

Posted by Marcel Soleda on December 14, 2005  |  Leave a comment

montsalvatgeXavier Montsalvatge, homenaje a un composito, the first book published about the composer Xavier Montsalvatge since his death in May, 2002, was presented this morning at the Barcelona offices of the Spanish Society of Authors & Editors (SGAE).

The book is a joint project published by Fundación Autor, with Llorenç Caballero as coordinator and editor, and contributions from eminent experts on the figure of Montsalvatge: Roger Alier, Antoni Ros Marbà, Antonio Gallego, José Guerrero Martín, Juan José Olives, Antonio Iglesias, Josep Lluís Falcó, Jorge de Persia, Adam Kent, Mònica Pagès and Jordi Codina.

The book contains over 300 pages and includes a detailed catalogue of works, filmography and annotated bibliography, plus a chapter by José Luis Gómez featuring personal testimonies about Xavier Montsalvatge from, among others, Montserrat Caballé, Teresa Berganza, Alicia de Larrocha, Victòria dels Àngels, Frederic Mompou, Paloma O’Shea and Xavier Valls.

Llorenç Caballero, Ramon Muntaner, who is head of the SGAE in the Mediterranean area, and close relations of Montsalvatge, including his wife and children, all attended the presentation.

New design for the Tritó website

Posted by Marcel Soleda on November 2, 2005  |  Leave a comment

The Tritó website has just updated its format to include both new sections and a notable upgrade in the search engine to facilitate browsing. We hope that these changes will be to the satisfaction of our visitors and customers.

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