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Contemporary music 2011

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Logo Ciclo Música Contemporánea Sevilla 2011On various Wednesdays in the months of March, April and May, the 2011 Seville Contemporary Music Cycle will be held at the Teatro Central in Seville. The programme consists of eight concerts, including works by David del Puerto, Hèctor Parra and Gabriel Erkoreka.

Specifically, on 27 April the ensemble Rejoice will perform the concert version of the work Carmen Replay by David del Puerto, and on 30 March the Ensemble Recherche will present works by Hèctor Parra and by students of the Manuel de Falla Chair of Composition at the University of Granada. In addition, on the 25 May you will be able to listen to works by another of the composers who works with Tritó, Gabriel Erkoreka, along with other contemporary composers such as Saariaho and Fineberg, at the hands of the Taller Sonoro under the joint title “Angelus Novus: el futuro presente”.

Catalogues by composer now available

Posted by Cristina Martí on January 3, 2011  |  1 Comment

The free catalogues by composer are now available. In them you can locate all the works – scores, books and CDs – which have been published by Tritó and which are available in our shop.

You can download the following catalogues:

David del Puerto presents his third symphony in Cordoba

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On Thurday 16 April, at the Gran Teatro at 21:00 hrs, and as part of the busy programme of the Festival Cosmopoética held in Córdoba during March and April, David del Puerto’s third symphony, “En la melancolía de tu recuerdo, Soria”, was presented. It is a work commissioned by the Otoño Musical Soriano and composed in 2007.

Antonio Machado’s poems are the focal point of the work, with José Sacristán as the recitalist and the singers Elena Gragera and Carmen Gurriarán. The orquesta de Córdoba and the conductor Marco de Prósperis, together with these soloists, were given the task of presenting this large-scale work at the poetry festival. This is piece that signifies a point of inflection in the music of the composer David del Puerto.

See for further.

Alejandro Posada conducts Cap de Quers in Valladolid

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Cap de Quers by David del Puerto, a work commissioned by the Orquesta de Cadaqués and the CDMC for the 9th International Conducting Competition of the said orchestra, was presented in Valladolid on 9 and 10 January. The principal conductor of the Orquesta Sinfónica de Castilla y León, the Columbian Alejandro Posada, chose this work for this season’s opening performance with the orchestra at the Auditorio Miguel Delibes in Valladolid.

Cap de Quers received its name from David del Puerto as a tribute to the Orquesta de Cadaqués and the conducting competition. It was played by the finalists in the 9th competition and it proved to be a work of great interest for both the musicians and the public, which was completely won over, as is demonstrated by the fact that it has been performed on several occasions since its premiere and will shortly be played at Auditorio Nacional de Madrid.

Cap de Quers

David del Puerto and Jesús Torres at the Praga Premieres Festival

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The forth edition of Prague Premieres, festival founded in 2004, provides a platform in the capital of the Czech Republic for new contemporary music from all across Europe. The main organizer of the event of is the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra while several other Czech orchestras also participate in the performances. This year’s guest countries are Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland and Spain. The festival runs from 29 March to 6 April. Spain’s participation is particularly high profile with works by Cristobal Halffter, Luis de Pablo, David del Puerto (1 April), Leonardo Balada and Jesús Torres (5 April). The selected work by “David del Puerto” is his first symphony, Boreas, which will be performed on 1 April at the Festival’s main venue, Dvorak Hall, by the Hradec Králové Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Andreas S. Weiser. “Jesús Torres” will be represented in Movimiento, a work originally commissioned by the Cadaqués Orchestra International Conducting Competition and the Spanish Centre for the Diffusion of Contemporary Music, in a concert by the Pardubice Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Leoš Svárovský, also at Dvorak Hall.

Tritó releases Alio Modo,by David del Puerto

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Alio Modo, the new release by the Tritó record label is a collection of some of most interesting chamber works composed between1995 and 2005 by David del Puerto (Madrid, 1964). The disc features brilliant interpretations by three of the most significant names on the Spanish contemporary music scene: the Indonesian pianist Ananda Sukarlan, the soprano Carmen Gurriarán and the accordionist Ángel Luis Castaño, all champions of the Madrid composer’s work. The CD includes the works: “Alio Modo” (piano), “Fantasía para acordeón”, “Cuaderno para los niños” (piano), “Diario” (accordion and piano), “Intrata” (piano), “Rondós” (piano), “Rejoice” (piano), “Sobre la Noche” (voice and accordion) and “Verso IV” (piano).

This is Tritó’s second CD by David del Puerto – after Boreas (2005), devoted to symphonic music – and is further evidence of the company’s ambition to create a recorded corpus of Spanish contemporary music.

Coinciding with the release of the CD, Tritó has also released the score of the piece “Diario” for accordion and piano. “Diario” is dedicated to Ángel Luis Castaño, who both premiered and plays the piece on Alio Modo. Very demanding technically, the piece demonstrates the vast potential of the accordion in contemporary music.

World premiere of David del Puerto’s 3rd Symphony

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In its 15th year, Otoño Musical Soriano commemorates the centenary this year of the poet Antonio Machado’s arrival in Soria. For the occasion, the festival, directed by Odón Alonso, commissioned a work from the composer David del Puerto, according to whom it is his “most personal composition”, given the freedom he was allowed by a commission which dictated no scoring nor timing conditions. This is Del Puerto’s Third Symphony, subtitled “En la melancolía de tu recuerdo, Soria” (In the Melancholy of Your Memory, Soria). The author classifies it as a “dramatic symphony” due to the way it draws on cantata and theatre music. David del Puerto resolved the sole condition of the commission – to include texts by Machado – by choosing 19 poems that enabled him “to condense Machado’s life in Soria along one year”, and which are recited and sung along with the orchestral music. The texts reflect the poet’s varying moods over the seasons of the year, among which stands out summer, given that “the summer poems are the most heartfelt because that was the season when Leonor died”.

This is the first symphony in which David del Puerto includes sung and recited parts and, at once, the first of his large-scale works in which he puts to music poems written by someone other than himself. Nonetheless, it is a work in which the author has renounced deliberately the brightness of other pieces of his in order to capture and transmit better the sobriety and ascetism of Machado’s verse. The premiere takes place on 20 September, 2007, at the Auditorio “Odón Alonso” of the Centro Cultural “Palacio de la Audiencia” in Soria, with Enrique García Asensio conducting the Oviedo City Symphony Orchestra. The solo voices are the mezzo-soprano Elena Gragera and the soprano Carmen Gurriarán, with narration by the actor José Sacristán.   The score and CD of David del Puerto first symphony, Boreas, is already available from Tritó and we will soon be publishing his second, Nusantara, as well as the above-mentioned third. The most recent works we have published by this composer have been chamber pieces: “Dos dedicatorias”, for solo violin, and Seis estudios, for guitar, while forthcoming are Diario, for accordion and piano  and Advenit, for clarinet, violin, cello and piano.

New works by Albert Guinovart, Jesús Rueda and Hèctor Parra

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Tritó announces the release of Symphony I by Jesús Rueda, composed in 2000, and since its premiere lauded by critics as one of the most important orchestral works of our day. The recording by the Spanish National Youth Orchestra conducted by Ernest Martínez-Izquierdo – also including symphonies by Jesús Torres and David del Puerto – has also received widespread praise in the specialist press. The piece, which is scored for large orchestra with triple woodwinds, six horns, piano and three percussionists, is subtitled Laberinto in reference to the labyrinth from classic mythology and a programme which takes the listener on a journey in four stages each joined and resolved by the Sphinx, with the Minotaur as the apotheosis of the work at the end of the journey. Tritó Edicions has also released three new works by Hèctor Parra: Time Fields II, Time Fields III – composed for unaccompanied instruments – and Andante sospeso, a duet for flute (or clarinet) and piano. The latter title refers to the counterpoint between the concept of mobile and static sound, with the flute and piano alternating in the creation of atmospheres which are at once complementary and opposing. Time Fields II, on the other hand, is written for solo clarinet and exploits all the potential of the instrument (multiphonics, microtones, changes in timbre), while Time Fields III, originally conceived for baritone saxophone and later adapted for bass clarinet, now appears in version for solo flute. The work is constructed out of three separate instrumental materials – melodic lines, extended notes and complex rhythms – which are combined with the many shifts in speed which mark the work. Tritó’s saxophone repertoire, meanwhile, grows with the piece Haendeliana, which Albert Guinovart originally composed for performance with voice, recalling the opera arias of the Baroque composer Georg F. Haendel. The success of the piece inspired the composer to make several versions and transcriptions, and this one is adapted for soprano saxophone, clarinet or oboe, accompanied by the piano.

New release,”Tres Sinfonías”, by Jesús Torres, David del Puerto and Jesús Rueda

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Three important composers of our time,have come together in this CD, Jesús Torres; Symphony No. 1 ‘Boreas’ by David del Puerto and Symphony I ‘Laberinto’ by Jesús Rueda. The three figures, of well-defined, well-distinguished musical personalities, demonstrate the creative richness of a generation of Spanish composers born in the 1960s. CD “TRES SINFONIAS”

David del Puerto: “Sinfonía núm. 2 Nusantara” and “Concierto para violín y orquesta”

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The new CD with the Sinfonía núm. 2 Nusantara and the Concierto para violín y orquesta by David del Puerto is available on the Stradivarius label. It will be performed by the Orquesta de la Comunidad de Madrid, with the pianist Ananda Sukarlan and the violinist Manuel Guillén, and conducted by José Ramón Encinar. The two works, of similar magnitude and characteristics, both symphonic pieces with soloists, were written with ten years’ difference, thus offering a good overview of the composer’s development during this time.

Piano repertory: Special discount

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During May, June and July, Tritó is offering students, teachers and music schools a special discount on its most recent piano repertory. The following works, bought online, come with a 15% discount: 24 interludios and Ketjak, by Jesús Rueda; Dos invenciones, by Santiago Lanchares; Circus, by Joan Chic, and Cuaderno para los niños, by David del Puerto.

Premiere of Variaciones in memoriam Gonzalo de Olavide, by David del Puerto

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This 27 April sees the premiere of Variations in memoriam Gonzalo de Olavide, by David del Puerto, at the Auditorio Nacional de Madrid.

This commissioned work will be performed by the Spanish National Orchestra (ONE), under the baton of  Pablo González. The concert also includes the debut of a work commissioned by the ONE from Gonzalo de Olavide, who died two years ago, and who was very close to David del Puerto, both as an artist and as a friend.

These two transitional works of the 20th-21st centuries will be performed along with two other transitional works from the 18th-19th centuries, Mozart’s Concerto No. 1 for Flute and Orchestra and Beethoven’s Symphony No. 2 in D Major,Opus 36.

David del Puerto’s Symphony No. 1 “Boreas” in concert

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The Spanish Radio and Television Orchestra (ORTVE), conducted by Dmitri Loos, performs Symphony No. 1 “Boreas” by the young Madrid composer David del Puerto on March 1 and 2 at the Teatro Monumental in Madrid.

The score of Sinfonía nº 1, Boreas, by David del Puerto

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Commissioned by the 2005 Canary Islands Festival for the Finnish Radio Orchestra, Boreas (north wind) is intended to refer both to who made the commission and to its performer, end points of this trip from north to south. Beyond that the name has no programmatic or descriptive intent.

This symphony, approximately 24 minutes long, is divided into four movements which succeed each other without break and share a good number of common elements. In addition all four movements share a roughly ternary structure.

David del Puerto composes for young pianists

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Tritó presents three new works by David del Puerto (*1964), winner of the 2005 Spanish National Music Prize. Cuaderno para los niños (2005) is a set of short piano pieces aimed at exposing young people to contemporary music.

In Winter Suite and Dos preludios the Spanish composer returns to his principal instrument, the guitar. The three works are already available at the Tritó website.

Jesús Torres and David del Puerto at the Biennale di Venezia

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The 50th Festival Internazionale di Musica Contemporanea of the Venezia Biennale is programming works by two Tritó composers: Jesús TorresConcert for accordion and orchestra and David del Puerto’s Symphony nº 2 Nusantara, the latter premiered last May by the Orquesta y Coro de la Comunidad de Madrid (ORCAM).

The ORCAM, under the direction of José Ramón Encinar, will be performing both works October 1st 2006 at 8 p.m. at the Fenice Theatre.

David del Puerto premieres Divertimento in the Porta Ferrada Festival

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Divertimento, for string orchestra, is premiered tonight the Porta Ferrada Festival of Sant Feliu de Guíxols (Girona). The work was specially commissioned by the Festival, and will be performed by the Conjunt Orquestral de Girona conducted by Pablo Heras, to whom David del Puerto dedicates the composition.

David del Puerto premieres Symphony No. 2 Nusantara

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david del puertoThe premiere of the eagerly awaited second Symphony for solo piano and large orchestra of David del Puerto, entitled Nusantara, will take place on the coming 9 May at the symphonic hall of the National Music Auditorium of Madrid. It will be performed by the Indonesian pianist Ananda Sukarlan and the Orchestra of the Community of Madrid under the direction of José Ramón Encinar.

This work was commissioned by the Community of Madrid’s Department of Culture and Sport. David del Puerto, winner of the National Music Prize 2005, has dedicated this symphony to the victims of the tsunami disaster.

Resounding success at the Dutch premiere of David del Puerto

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oboeDavid del Puerto’s Concert no. 2 for oboe premiered on 4 April in the Dutch town of Tilburg in a performance by the Nieuw Ensemble Amsterdam, to which the work is dedicated. The Concerto was also performed in Amsterdam, where it reaped a great public success. More recently, on 17 April, the Dutch ensemble played this work for the public of Madrid, eliciting an enthusiastic response from both the audience at the Reina Sofia Museum and the critics in attendance:

“…..Extraordinary music, full of vitality and inspiration, that enriches its language by taking full advantage of the most traditional expressivity of the solo instrument. It is divided into parts that are formal signs of the Madrilenian composer’s always limpidly affirmative discourse…”

Luis Suñén. El País, 20/04/06.

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