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Three unpublished sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti now available

Posted by Cristina Martí on August 24, 2011  |  Leave a comment

This August has seen the issue of three unpublished sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti: the sonatas for harpsichord in A, in E and in F, with a study carried out by the musicologist and lecturer at the university of Valladolid Águeda Pedrero-Encabo.

Two of the three sonatas that make up this edition (the Sonata in E and the Sonata in A) were presented for the first time in a free transcription made by Enrique Granados in 1905 for piano and which Joel Sheveloff used to reconstruct the possible originals for harpsichord, as these were thought to be lost. However, this researcher concluded that the transcriptions made by the Catalan composer were not taken from works by Scarlatti, for which reason these sonatas have always been regarded as “dubious.”

Later, M. Ester-Sala discovered the supposedly lost manuscript – M1964 – in the Biblioteca de Catalunya. She published the two sonatas in a facsimile edition, leaving their analysis to other researchers, some of whom, such as Walter Aaron Clark, concluded that the sonata in A is not by Scarlatti but by Courcelle, and that the sonata in E was the work of an anonymous composer.

The present publication is intended to be a critical edition of the original scores of the sonatas in A mayor and E mayor, which makes it possible to study them directly, given that they possess enough of Scarlatti’s traits to suggest they are originals.

As always, we would like to have your opinion: Do you agree that they are by Domenico Scarlatti? Take a look at the Sonata in A and let us know what you think.

The Magic Opal, by Isaac Albéniz, in a voice edition

Posted by Cristina Martí on August 18, 2011  |  Leave a comment

Even in August, Tritó continues working for Spanish music. So this last month we edited and published the reduction for piano of the opera The Magic Opal, a fantastic story in two acts with pirates, ghosts and impossible loves made possible by art of magic on the coast of Karatol, composed by Isaac Albéniz in his London period. And in this work we discover the composer’s personal style mixed with typical elements of Victorian opera.

Therefore, as we were saying, this opera, which up till now you could only obtain in its full version or rent, is now also available as a reduction for solo voices, choir and piano at a launch price of just 31.20 euros.

Frankfurt Musikmesse 2011

Posted by Cristina Martí on March 14, 2011  |  Leave a comment

Musikmesse 2011

As on previous occasions, Tritó will attend this year’s Frankfurt Musikmesse, which takes place from 6 to 9 April. All the information about Tritó has already been published on the fair’s website. Tritó will have a stand displaying the products of which it is sole agent, novelties, collections – such as Música Breu – and  catalogues of our composers, with the aim of publicising the company’s work in the area of the revival and dissemination of Spanish music at this important international fair of music. In this respect, we will be promoting the works of Xavier Montsalvatge, Eduard Toldrà and Frederic Mompou, among others, whose anniversaries are due to be celebrated in 2012.

The Frankfurt Mussikmese is the most important of the international showcases for music, with thousands of manufacturers, publishers, record labels, producers and music organisations being able to share their knowledge, discover the lines of work of other businesses and strengthen ties of all kinds with a view to the future.

See Tritó Edicions in >

Upcoming concerts

Posted by Cristina Martí on February 21, 2011  |  1 Comment

Imagen agendaMaybe you are still not aware that Tritó has a concert schedule, which provides details of all our composers’ musical activity, both around Spain and abroad.

To begin with, last week, on the 23 and 25 February, the Oviedo Filarmonía, under the baton of Lorenzo Ramos, performed the Tonadillas by Enric Granados with orchestration by Albert Guinovart, at the Auditorio Príncipe Felipe in Oviedo and the Madrid auditorium.

And on 26 February in Biscaya, the Orquestra Simfònica de Bilbao and the Orfeón Donostiarra continued the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the death Jesús Guridi, performing his “Cuadros Vascos” at the Teatro Social Antzokia in Basauri

We can recommend seven concerts in March: if you were at the Centre Pompidou in Paris on the 2nd of the month you may have listened to the Ensemble Intercontemporain playing “Stress Tensor” by Hèctor Parra. On the 11th, Sortilegis, by Xavier Montsalvatge, will be performed at the Teatro Monumental in Madrid by the Orquestra de RTVE, and on the following day, at the same venue and with soloists from the same orchestra, you can listen to the Quartet with oboe by Jesús Torres

Continuing in the month of March, other concerts are La rosa del azafrán, by Jacinto Guerrero in Albacete on the 18th, Orchestral highlights from the opera Pepita Jiménez by Isaac Albéniz (edited by José de Eusebio) in Reutlingen (Germany), and the Obertura del ballet Alphonse et Léonore ou L’amant peintre by Ferran Sor in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, both on the 24th. And lastly, on 29 March the students from the Salamanca Music Conservatory will play the Concert for bassoon and chamber ensemble by Agustí Charles

There’s sure to be something that interests you among all these works. As you know, if you want to go to a concert, consult the schedule for the next few months. Enjoy yourselves!

Rental of scores in Tritó

Posted by Cristina Martí on January 11, 2011  |  Leave a comment

Tritó has recently added a rental section to (,es) where you can find information about available scores and enquire about prices using a straightforward form.

The Tritó Edicions catalogue contains works by the majority of Spanish composers of old and contemporary repertoire. Searches – simple and advanced – can be made by complete title or by composer, by any characteristic of the work, or by consulting the complete rental catalogue

For further information on rentals, write to or phone (+34) 933 426 175.

Tritó pays tribute to the most famous

Posted by Marcel Soleda on November 27, 2008  |  Leave a comment

With the figure of the composer Xavier Montsalvatge we are launching a series of biographies of some of the most famous Spanish composers of all time, which will be published periodically in this blog.

Xavier Montsalvatge is the first because he is the publisher’s principal composer and almost the totality of his work has been published by Tritó. Montsalvatge will be followed by Isaac Albéniz in view of his evident importance on the Spanish music scene together with Enrique Granados.

You can access the series by clicking on Biographies.

Fernando Sor, Overtures and Symphonies

Posted by Marcel Soleda on November 17, 2008  |  Leave a comment

Fernando Sor, Oberturas y sinfoniasFernando Sor (Barcelona, 1778 – Paris, 1839) was undoubtedly one of the most internationally renowned Spanish composers. Known mainly for his guitar music, Sor’s orchestral works have often been ignored. In recent years, studies by several musicologists have re-established his reputation as a composer of orchestral, ballet and other works, and as one of the leading composers in Spanish Classicism and pre-Romanticism.

Tritó has spent years restoring some of these scores and the Cadaqués Orchestra, under the direction of Sir Neville Marriner, has now recorded a selection. This is the first CD devoted entirely to Sor’s orchestral works, as well as the first recording of some of the works included.

The CD, which we hope will give Sor the respect he deserves as a composer of orchestral works, features the following: the overtures to the ballets Hercule et Omphale, Alphonse et Leonora and Cendrillon, and the melodrama La Elvira portuguesa, and his Symphonies No. 1 in C major, No. 2 in E flat major and No. 3 in F major.

New Epigrams in ISCM World Music Days 2008

Posted by Leticia Martin on October 28, 2008  |  Leave a comment

Benet Casablancas“New Epigrams” for chamber orchestra has been included in the programme for “ISCM World Music Days 2008″, being held this year in Vilnius (Lithuania). The piece, Spain’s sole representative at this year’s Festival, is being performed on October 27 by the Cantus Ensemble of Croatia at the Town Hall in the Lithuanian capital. The international jury, charged with making their selection from among over 350 scores submitted by the ISCM’s national sections, includes figures of the stature of Peter Eötvös, Jonathan Harvey, Luca Francesconi, Onute Narbutaire and Helena Tulve. New Epigrams has been performed previously in London (London Sinfonietta Perspective CD), Strasbourg (Festival Musica), Amsterdam (Holland Festival), Düsseldorf (Biennale “Ohren Musik aus Europa”), St. Petersburg (Hermitage State Orchestra), La Tour-de- Trême (Orchestre de Chambre de Lausanne), Oberlin (Ohio, USA), Vienna (Portrait Benet Casablancas, Musikverein) as well as in several Spanish cities (Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante, Sabadell and Valencia).
Alter Klang “Impromptu per a orquestra”, was commissioned by the Spanish National Orchestra in 2007, and is published by Tritó Edicions. In 2009 the piece will be performed in Holland, Belgium and Sweden.

Published Fantasia for Tuba and Piano

Posted by Leticia Martin on October 28, 2008  |  Leave a comment

Fantasia para tuba y piano“Fantasia for Tuba and piano” by Bartolomé Pérez Casas, probably one of the earliest works ever written for these two instruments, is now available from the Tritó catalogue. The project to publish this landmark work for the tuba entailed a major research effort by both the publisher and reviser Miguel Moreno Guna, from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid, to find the composer’s original manuscript as well as the historical documentation essential for the best possible recreation of the score.

Bartolomé Pérez Casas was a leading figure in Spanish music in the first half of the twentieth century, as director of the Royal Lancers Corps Band, professor of harmony at the Royal Conservatory in Madrid, founder and director of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Madrid and director of the Spanish National Orchestra between 1942 and 1947. His knowledge of wind instruments and his music teaching skills make this an essential piece in the tuba repertoire.

Fully published the work of Manuel Castillo

Posted by Leticia Martin on October 28, 2008  |  Leave a comment

Manuel CastilloThanks to an agreement with the Music Documentation Centre of the Government of Andalusia, Tritó is publishing the complete works of Manuel Castillo (1927-2005). The latest release, Piano Concerto No. 2, was composed in 1966 and premiered in the Auditorium of the Ministry of Information and Tourism and the Teatro de la Zarzuela in January 1967 with the composer at the piano with the RTVE Symphony Orchestra.
This concerto is the least known of the three that the Sevillian composer wrote for the piano, and in the words of Thomas Marco “lies between the youthful first and masterful third.”

Gabriel Erkoreka’s “Fuegos”, finalist for the Queen Sofía competition

Posted by Marcel Soleda on October 6, 2008  |  Leave a comment

“Fuegos” by the composer Gabriel Erkoreka premieres this 10 October at the Teatro Monumental in Madrid with the RTVE Orchestra, conducted by director Adrian Leaper, in the extraordinary final concert of the Queen Sofía Composition Prize organized by the Ferrer Salat Foundation.

The programme also includes this year’s other finalist work, Concertino for Viola and Orchestra by the Japanese composer Takahiro Sakuma.

Gabriel Erkoreka was born in Bilbao in 1968 and has lived in London for more than ten years. Among other composition honours, he has won First Prize from the Spanish Society of Authors and Writers (SGAE); the Basque Government Prize; the Josiah Parker Prize; the Rome Prize, as well as prizes from the Spanish National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM) and the Spanish College of Paris. He is an honorary associate member of the Royal Academy of Music (ARAM) and composition tutor at MUSIKENE-Higher Conservatory of Music of the Basque Country.

This is his first work published by Tritó.

Tritó published “Tres Villancents” by José Prada

Posted by Cristina Martí on September 29, 2008  |  Leave a comment

José PradasIn line with our continuing commitment to early music, Tritó announces the release of the eighth volume of the collection Compositors Valencians, dedicated to the composer José Pradas (1689-1757), who played a major role in the history of the cathedral Metropolitana in Valencia.
This volume, published with the Institut Valencià de la Música, includes three villancicos (La tierra llora afligida, Cantad serafines, Trono sagrado de luces), just a small sample of Pradas’s extensive work. The musicologist Marian Rosa Montagut edited the works and wrote the introductory study.

Reissue of La Corxera Juganera

Posted by Redacción on June 26, 2008  |  Leave a comment

Tritó announces the much anticipated re-release of two of our most popular titles: “Història de Babar“, with music by F. Poulenc and narrated by Agata Roca, and “7 Faules de La Fontaine“, with music by X. Benguerel and narrated by Rosa Gàmiz. We are re-releasing these two titles, from the collection La Corxera Juganera, due to high demand in recent months. They feature stories set to music performed by the Cadaqués Orchestra with narration in Catalan by renowned actors who breathe new life into the traditional tales.

This collection will soon be published in Spanish, with actors of the calibre of Javier Cámara, Tristán Ulloa or Leonor Watling.

El soldadet de plom

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Història de Babar

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Pere i el llop

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Anandamanía by Santiago Lanchares

Posted by Marcel Soleda on May 15, 2008  |  Leave a comment

Anandamania , a piano piece by Santiago Lanchares composed in 2002 has been added to the Tritó catalogue. The work, dedicated to the pianist Ananda Sukarlan, premiered at the Auditorio Nacional in 2003 and was selected to represent Spain at the Unesco International Tribune of Composers that same year.

In the words of Ananda Sukarlan “It represents the culmination of Santiago Lanchares’ the achievements thus far with the piano. Its rich texture is heavily charged with 15th-century antiphonal techniques (accelerated to an almost supersonic degree!), additive Oriental rhythms, and African methods rhythmic displacement.”

Technical complexity combines with the musicality of the work by the Palencia-born composer, who has always had in the piano one of his best means of expression, as evidenced in his monograph CD on sale at

Release of Glosa by Jesús Torres

Posted by Marcel Soleda on May 15, 2008  |  Leave a comment

Glosa, for solo cello, is the latest work by Jesús Torres published by Tritó. A measure of worth of the piece, composed in 2004, is perhaps seen in the fact that it has become an essential part of the repertoire of numerous cellists, including: Suzana Stefanovich, who premiered the piece and is its dedicatee; José Miguel Gómez, of the “Arbós Trio“, who first recorded it on CD for the Autor label; and David Apellániz, who will soon be making a new recording of the “Glosa”.

In the international arena, we should note that Pierre Strauch, of the “Ensemble Intercontemporain”, will be performing it at the next Alicante International Music Festival. We hope that with its publication this work with reach all musicians interested in contemporary repertoire and that many more will join the list of its interpreters.

Tritó new distributor Aca of Mallorca

Posted by Marcel Soleda on April 16, 2008  |  Leave a comment

The Mallorca-based foundation Àrea de Creació Acústica (ACA) was founded in 1978 by the composer Antoni Caimari with support from the Island Council and other public and private institutions. Since then, ACA has become a benchmark in Spanish contemporary music and a catalyst for its dissemination. ACA has expanded its range of activities to the realm of poetry, with the release of Veu de Poeta, a spoken collection on CD, and “Solstici d’estiu”, an annual publication focusing on young Mediterranean poets. ACA has also involved itself in cinema and, more recently, gastronomy. The Tritó catalogue will now be offering a range of ACA material: Contemporanis de la Mediterrània, a collection of music on CD; the librettos and recordings of “Nits bielenques” (an annual project devoted to historic Mallorcan composers); and musical studies coming out of the symposia Jornades Internacionals de l’Orgue Històric de les Balears. ACA recordings also include chirimías and glosadores and other manifestations of traditional Mallorcan music.

Tribute to Enric Granados

Posted by Redacción on April 3, 2008  |  Leave a comment

The Biblioteca de Catalunya, which along with Tritó Editiones has participated in the publication of the second edition of the Complete Works for Voice and Piano by Enric Granados, was the venue of Homage to Granados, an event held 1 April in the library’s Llevant Hall. The event saw the presentation of the new edition of the score of the Complete Works for Voice and Piano, several of which were performed by Manuel García Morante, composer, pianist and reviser of the works, and the soprano Yrene Martínez Roca. The concert also starred Granados’ piano, restored for the occasion. This new edition of the Complete Works for Voice and Piano includes the addition of nine songs discovered in recent years, two of which, unfortunately, are incomplete. We hope that in the not too distant future more sources will to appear to further our knowledge of Granados’ vocal works.

Villalobos, Brouwer, Joaquim Nin-Culmell i Nin Castellanos at Tritó

Posted by Redacción on April 3, 2008  |  Leave a comment

One of the main objectives of our website is to promote Spanish and Ibero-American music. Thus we are constantly seeking out new agreements to distribute scores and recordings, to build up our catalogue and provide the broadest possible vision of the music from the Hispanic world. Our most recent distribution agreement is with the Max Eschig publishing house. With this accord, Tritó will be adding to its catalogue the composers Héitor Villalobos (Brazil) – Preludios para guitarra Leo Brouwer (Cuba) – Danza del Altiplano, Dos aires populares cubanos and others of his best known guitar works – and Joaquim Nin Castellanos and his son Joaquim Nin-Culmell, composers of Spanish origin born in Cuba and Germany, respectively, with a selection of their most interesting works for the piano.

Isaac Albéniz, Poèmes d’amour

Posted by Redacción on March 6, 2008  |  Leave a comment

A joint project by the Cadaqués Orchestra and Tritó Edicions has brought back to life an all but forgotten work by Isaac Albéniz (1860-1909). A new CD recording and edition of the score, with parts for rent, of Poèmes d’Amour are now available from our website.

“Poèmes d’Amour”, composed in 1892, is a work for recitalist or rhapsodist with chamber ensemble that Isaac Albéniz structured around fourteen poems by the French Symbolist Armand Sylvestre (1837-1901). It premiered on 29 June, 1892, in London with one of the most famed actresses of all times, Sarah Bernhardt, reciting. Over the years the work was largely forgotten. Now the prestigious conductor and musicologist José de Eusebio has edited the score. De Eusebio is the world’s top specialist in Albéniz’s work and for years has been dedicating himself to the composer’s stage works such as “Merlín”, “Henry Clifford” and Pepita Jiménez. De Eusebio’s new score is based on the manuscripts held at the Barcelona Music Museum. With this new score, and the recording by the Cadaqués Orchestra, “Poèmes d’Amour” has been rescued from obscurity.

This project would not have been possible without the support of the Fundació Caixa Catalunya, which has joined forces with “Tritó Edicions” and “The Cadaqués Orchestra”. The recovery of patrimony and the revival of the works of our composers, Albéniz, in this case one of the foremost names in Catalan and Spanish music of all times, is always a source of satisfaction, especially when it involves the acclaimed Cadaqués Orchestra, which has long stood out for projects such of this nature.

To celebrate this release, is offering a 15% discount on the CD with score pack.

Tritó at Sheet Music Plus

Posted by Redacción on March 6, 2008  |  Leave a comment

As of this week, the Tritó catalogue is available from Sheet Music Plus, the leading internet music outlet in the US. This distribution deal marks an important step in Tritó’s ambition to reach the world.

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