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Mexico-Spain Contemporary Music Festival

Posted by Leticia Martin on February 12, 2009  |  2 Comments

After a 25-year hiatus, Mexico and Spain once again co-organize a festival of contemporary music, this February 17 to 28, to present the leading exponents of the genre from both countries, along with poetry recitals and master classes in composition.

The new Spanish-Mexican Festival of Contemporary Music will revive artistic exchange and end a quarter of a century of isolation and lack of awareness of the work of musicians from either nation, says the director of the event, Marcela Rodriguez. “Now,” she adds, “we are going to reactivate the exchange and presentation of the latest from genre, with works of high quality in terms of composition and execution. They are fresh and define the vision and influences of each of the participants.”

She recalled that the original festival was organized by the Mexican Alicia Urrueta and the Spaniard Carlos Cruz de Castro. “It was called the Spanish-Mexican Festival and was held from 1973 to 1983. After that, contact between the composers from the two countries was broken off.”

She explained that the programme consists of concerts of chamber and electronic music. “There will be five world premieres and 17 pieces will be played for the first time in Mexico.”

In total, she said, there will be six concerts with pieces by Mexicans Lara Ana and Gabriela Ortiz, among others, and the Spaniards José Manuel López, Carlos Cruz de Castro, José Luis Castillo, Javier Arias, Jesús Rueda, Santiago Lanchares, Ramón Humet and Mercedes Zavala. She also highlighted the performances by the ensembles Onix and Catrina String Quartet, plus the piano soloists Carlos Apellániz and Alberto Rosado.

See the program

Anandamanía by Santiago Lanchares

Posted by Marcel Soleda on May 15, 2008  |  Leave a comment

Anandamania , a piano piece by Santiago Lanchares composed in 2002 has been added to the Tritó catalogue. The work, dedicated to the pianist Ananda Sukarlan, premiered at the Auditorio Nacional in 2003 and was selected to represent Spain at the Unesco International Tribune of Composers that same year.

In the words of Ananda Sukarlan “It represents the culmination of Santiago Lanchares’ the achievements thus far with the piano. Its rich texture is heavily charged with 15th-century antiphonal techniques (accelerated to an almost supersonic degree!), additive Oriental rhythms, and African methods rhythmic displacement.”

Technical complexity combines with the musicality of the work by the Palencia-born composer, who has always had in the piano one of his best means of expression, as evidenced in his monograph CD on sale at

Santiago Lanchares, “Maestro” at the Residencia de estudiantes

Posted by Marcel Soleda on April 16, 2008  |  Leave a comment

The composer Santiago Lanchares is one of the stars of this year’s Maestros y Discípulos de la Residencia de Estudiantes concert season, which brings together in the same programme one of the great composers of the twentieth century, an outstanding Spanish composer and one of his youngest disciples. Next April 27 is a chance to hear works by Santiago Lanchares, Debussy and the up-and-coming composer Gonzalo Garrido-Lecca. The programme highlights chamber music, violin, piano and cello, with works including “Momentos”, “Sombra de luna” and “Contra la corriente”.

Brief pieces for piano, by Santiago Lanchares

Posted by Redacción on February 19, 2008  |  Leave a comment

The piano works of the composer Santiago Lanchares, with exquisite and exhuberant harmony and highly empassioned character, are among the most interesting for this instrument in Spanish contemporary music. Under the generic title of Piezas breves, two of the Palencian composer’s collections of pieces for solo piano are now available: “Cinco amigos”, first written in 1984 and which we might call his Op. 1, were revised thanks to the interest of the pianist Ananda Sukarlan, and serve as an introduction to his works. These pieces are not very demanding technically and thus are apt for teaching material. “Dos piezas para Alicia” were written in the summer of 2003 and are dedicated to Alicia Sukarlan. These works, and others composed before 2005, are available in a monographic edition published by Sello Verso from our webside

World premiere of the work by Santiago Lanchares

Posted by Cristina Martí on May 24, 2007  |  Leave a comment

On the 28th of May the ORCAM will perform Escenas de Castor y Pollux, by Santiago Lanchares in the Auditori Nacional de Madrid. Under the baton of Gloria Isabel Ramos, this concert presents three scenes originally belonging with the fourteen that made up his ballet for piano and percussion, based on two Greek myths, the twin children of Leda and Zeus. This is the second symphonic work premiered this year. Not so long ago Apertura was specially commissioned for the inauguration of the Auditori de Valladolid, and was performed on the 13th of April.

Inauguration of the Auditorio de Música de Valladolid Miguel Delibes.

Posted by Marcel Soleda on April 16, 2007  |  Leave a comment

This past 11 April saw the inauguration of the Auditorio de Música de Valladolid Miguel Delibes. The season opened with a concert featuring the premiere of Apertura, by the Spanish composer Santiago Lanchares, written especially for the occasion.

The Castilla y León Symphony Orchestra, the hall’s resident orchestra, conducted by Alejandro Posada, had the honour of inaugurating this splendid new addition to Spain’s list of concert venues, designed by the architect Ricard Bofill.

Publishing agreement with Santiago Lanchares

Posted by Marcel Soleda on September 30, 2005  |  Leave a comment

santiago lancharesAlthough Santiago Lanchares started composing relatively late in life, at the age of 32, he has since become one of the leading names in contemporary Spanish music. After starting out in composition with chamber and orchestral works, in the nineties he shifted his focus to music for the piano. It is this latter music that Tritó will be publishing under the agreement.

Lanchares has recently received commissions from several artistic institutions in Spain, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

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